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April 14 - June 07, 2007

Eye of the Beholder

Art Exhibition

Works by Suzanne Anker, Andrew Carnie, David Silbersweig and Emily Stern

at the Center

The exhibition may be viewed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00AM to 5:00PM, and by appointment. Please call 646-422-0544 or email info@philoctetes.org to make arrangements.

The Eye of the Beholder exhibition coincides with a roundtable of the same name that explores the phenomenon of mirror neurons and how they influence the way humans react to and create visual art. A recent discovery in the brains of primates, mirror neurons are special neurons that show activity both when a subject performs an action and when it observes the same action performed by another. Some scientists consider mirror neurons one of the most important findings in neuroscience in the last decade, in part because they are thought to be responsible for the empathic response in humans.

The art that comprises the exhibition explores the themes of cognition, neuroscience, and the structures associated with perception. Drs. David Silbersweig and Emily Stern of Weill Cornell Medical College provide functional magnetic resonance images, which are used to map and probe neural circuits, and associated cognitive, affective, perceptual and behavioral processes thought to be disrupted in neuropsychiatric trauma. These images reveal not only the complexity of the brain, but its surprising structural beauty. Suzanne Anker produces prints and sculpture by using MRI scans, Rorshach inkblots and organic imagery to explore the intersection of art and science. Andrew Carnie's work, produced with input from neuroscientists at the Kings College Medical Research Center in London, centers on memory and the brain.

Exhibition curated by Hallie Cohen (Chair, Art Department, Marymount Manhattan College), with Adam Ludwig.

Andrew Carnie, Magic Forest

Suzanne Anker, Papillon

Stern/Silbersweig, Depression Montage