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October 16 - November 28, 2007

Hyper Graphica

Art Exhibition

Works by Alice Attie, Marc Bell, Vivienne Koorland, Jane Laudi and Jon Sarkin

at the Center

Artists' Reception: Saturday, October 27, 5:30-7:00pm
Immediately following the Roundtable The Critic as Thinker

Hyper Graphica draws inspiration from descriptions in Alice Weaver Flaherty's book, The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer's Block, and the Creative Brain, of an overwhelming urge to record thoughts and impulses with the written word. The exhibition coincides with the roundtable Hypergraphia and Hypographia: Two 'Diseases' of the Written Word, which explores the neurological and psychodynamic understanding of the affliction known as writer's block, and its lesser known opposite, hypergraphia, the unstoppable drive to put words on paper or any other available surface. This imperative to write is evinced in the artist's idioms, imagined languages, and pictographs. A foreign tongue may recall her heritage, while fragments of pop culture present her unconscious inner state. The written gesture acts as an indelible testament to her existence, history, beliefs. There is something exhilarating in the mind's insistence on transforming thought, feeling, and impulse into recorded language, however fragmentary or seemingly uncontrollable.

Alice Attie's intricate ink drawings alternate between figurative representation and the individual components of language—words and letters.

Marc Bell, the Canadian cartoonist, fuses the traditions of comic narrative and outsider art.

Vivienne Koorland, tracing her roots in Europe and South Africa, transcribes visual and verbal representations from the past onto raw linen and pieced-together bits of burlap.

Jane Laudi considers the act of re-writing texts from published authors and members of her immediate community into her pieces an important part her process.

Jon Sarkin presents the eruptions of his inner life through perseverative scribblings, image pastiche, and the unabashed surrender of strict formal control.

The works of Alice Attie are presented courtesy of the Foley Gallery.

The works of Marc Bell and Jane Laudi are presented courtesy of Adam Baumgold Gallery.

Historical examples of hypergraphia are seen through color reproductions of works by Dutch Post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) and Zhang Huan (b. 1965), both subjects of current special exhibitions at the Morgan Library & Museum and Asia Society, respectively.

Exhibition curated by Hallie Cohen (Chair, Art Department, Marymount Manhattan College), with Adam Ludwig.

John Sarkin, Untitled

Alice Attie, As I Lay Dying

John Sarkin, Untitled

Alice Attie, Swann's Way