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December 05 - February 20, 2011

The Art of the Graphic Novel

Art Exhibition

Works by: Dan E. Burr, Sungyoon Choi, David Heatley, Ben Katchor, James Sturm, Alissa Torres, James Vance, Tracy White

at the Center

If Will Eisner is the grandfather of the graphic novel, and Art Speigelman the father, then their progeny has proliferated exponentially. Book-length fiction in comics has established itself as a serious and broadly respected idiom. The best graphic novels succeed in finding the intersection between popular visual culture and literary, autobiographical, and journalistic concerns. The exhibition, The Art of the Graphic Novel, which coincides with the December 5 roundtable of the same name, showcases the work of emerging and established illustrators and writers working in the genre. From the socially conscious work in James Vance and Dan E. Burr's depression-era saga Kings in Disguise and Alissa Torres and Sungyoon Choi's post-9/11 memoir American Widow, to the deeply personal reflections of David Heatley and Tracy White, to the urban picture-stories of Ben Katchor and the historically rooted work of James Sturm, this exhibition highlights a complex range of visual and verbal artistry.

The exhibition may be viewed by appointment M-F from 11:00AM to 5:00PM. Please call 646-422-0544 or email info@philoctetes.org to make arrangements.

Exhibition curated by Hallie Cohen (Chair, Art Department, Marymount Manhattan College), with Adam Ludwig.

James Sturm, from Market Day (2010 Drawn and Quarterly)

Dan E. Burr & James Vance, from Kings in Disguise

Ben Katchor, The Call of the Wall

David Heatley, from Sex History

Sungyoon Choi, from American Widow by Alissa Torres

Tracy White, from How I Made It to Eighteen