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Center for Research and Study of the Biological Foundations of Psychoanalysis

Research Committee:
Cristina Alberini, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Philip Blumberg, William Alanson White Institute
Sue Carter, University of Illinois, Chicago
Francis Levy, Philoctetes Center
Edward Nersessian, Philoctetes Center & New York Psychoanalytic Institute
Bradley Peterson, Columbia University
Donald Pfaff, The Rockefeller University
Stephen Porges, University of Illinois, Chicago

Research Fellows:
Michael Garfinkle
Tehela Nimroody
David Younger (2007-08)

Philoctetes Fellows:
Cristina Davis
Adam Libow
Jamieson Webster

Please send research proposals to:
Edward Nersessian
Philoctetes Center
247 E. 82nd St.
New York, NY 10028


Principal Investigators:

Cristina Alberini, PhD

Mechanisms of Early Traumatic Memories

Cristina Alberini, PhD

Mechanisms of Addiction

Sue Carter, PhD

Oxytocin and Human Behavior

Tehela Nimroody, PhD

Aggression and Creativity in Children

Donald Pfaff, PhD

Behavioral and Emotional Consequences of Neonatal Masculinization of Females

Dr Oliver Turnbull

Imaginative Problem Solving, Intuition, and Emotion-based Learning

David Younger, PhD & Michael Garfinkle

Gambling Behavior